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Selected Cromulent Works

by lesteronthebeat

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The Hermit 03:30
Interference 00:49
Neville 03:39
The End 01:01


"Music from and inspired by the motion picture "William Drive Bus"":

It is an absolute honor to be able to release "Selected Cromulent Works" by lesteronthebeat. We here at Cult Love have followed and been fans of Hutz' Bonnerland, perhaps more commonly known as Hommer Simpson, series since its earliest installments, all of us being exposed to it in high school. It had a heavy impact on us and our friend group and its influence is present even today in our own artistic and nonart pursuits. One of us even has a Hommer Simpson tattoo on their hip. Working with Hutz on this release has been a privilege and milestone for us as a label and collective.

lesteronthebeat's "Selected Cromulent Works" is the soundtrack to the seventh installment in the Bonnerland series, William Drive Bus, by the illusive Australian animator and director, Hutz.

Little is known about the artist, Hutz. They have consistently kept themselves shrouded in mystery since the first Hommer Simpson video released in 2011, an incredibly impressive feat in the age of internet and ever depleting personal privacy. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, Hutz has garnered an extensive internet based cult following over the period of his works.

The Hommer Simpson series (as it will be referred to from here out) began as a crude experimental cartoon "parody" of the, of course, extremely well known American tv show, The Simpsons. Although the series appears at first glance to just be a bizarre, darker imitation or satire of The Simpsons, it becomes apparent by the end of the series (there are 7 episodes) that it is much more than just a personal take on later era of the prevalent 21st century style of "youtube poop" animations that caught the attention of so many internet lurking youths.

Hutz creates a vivid and extensive alternate universe to The Simpsons that is as confusing as it is meticulously crafted. What may initially appear as utter chaos and arbitrary cartooning slowly reveals itself to be a methodically crafted and complex plot dealing with such concepts and themes as profound inner turmoil, personal introspection, and the vast landscape that is the human psyche and perspective. The series is a modern masterpiece of experimental cartooning, and later on, directing and indie film making. The series requires, at least, several complete rewatches for appreciation and understanding, and even then the audience is still often left in a haze of contemplation when it all ends. When one question is answered, several more appear. If you still haven't checked it out yet, now is absolutely the time to do it. Us at Cult Love have watched the series in its entirety many times, but even now we find that with every rotation of the series, there are more subtle details to notice and ponder. The series is saturated in subtleties and discrete references to the original Simpson series and 21st century youth culture, as well as provocative commentary on modern living and more; whether intentional on Hutz' part or not, they crafted a piece of work with immeasurable depth to it.

Watching the Hommer Simpson series also exposes viewers to the perfection and growth of Hutz' craft as an artist; which within itself is a treat. The viewer grows together with Hutz and watches as Hommer Simpson and its artistry evolves in to far beyond what it initially starts out as. What begins as crude cartooning and animation evolves in to well honed and expertly crafted DIY animation, and finally live action style indie films that could rival anything shown at the most obscure avant film festivals. Which leads us in to the seventh installment in the Hommer Simpson series, William Drive Bus.

William Drive Bus blurs the lines between nonart and art, between noise and music, between arbitrary and intentional, between meaningless and significance. In some ways similar to Japanese Noh theatre, every small detail in William Drive Bus hints at profound depth and heavily layered meaning and significance; every scene worth pondering and contemplating. Similarly to Hommer Simpson 5, and contrasting the rest of the series, William Drive Bus is a live action that watches similarly to a dark indie film.

The soundtrack of William Drive Bus, which is presented here digitally and on cassette, is made up of 15 compositions by lesteronthebeat and is an incredible score of ambient and atmospheric sounds with a typically darker, heavier tone that fits the expertly crafted William Drive Bus short film perfectly. It is a very dynamic soundtrack, several of the tracks start very subtly but move in to much more vibrant and aggressive tones. Looming, cavernous sounds transition in to angelic and heavenly scapes on occasion, with their contrast evoking even more appreciation for the compositions as a whole. Definitely an album worth listening to in its entirety and in one sitting. As expertly crafted as Hutz' animations and films, and a beautiful compliment to one of the greatest DIY series to ever exist.

Hutz is truly a one-of-a-kind purveyor of the experimental and avant-garde.

Be on the lookout for new content from Hutz, such as, video deathpit, under the new "Snorch" youtube channel. And be sure to check out other works of theirs. There's much more to Hutz even beyond the Bonnerland series.


released February 15, 2019

our lord, our savior, the ever enigmatic and profound, Hutz




Snorch Youtube channel:


William Drive Bus:


Bonnerland Series (Hommer Simpson):


Art by Cult Love's George Christ and Australia's Hutz


all rights reserved




Tulsa, OK based art, music, and cassette collective.
Rare and limited releases since 2015.

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